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Predicting Consumer Behavior From Main Street to Broadway

Be a hero

We take your data and compress it against our massive database to find trends about your patrons. Easy reports, powerful data, and fantastic usability make you look like the star of your business!

Insightful Data Visualization

P360's visual data capabilities provide insightful patron information that is easy to interpret vs. the old fashion spreadsheets. Pinpoint patrons with the highest propensity to respond/convert with our simple, yet beautiful interface.

Predictive Analytics

Crystal ball? Nope. We use data to predict your marketing outcomes. P360's drag and drop technology enables you to be the chief statistician. Imagine the ability to model your own clients over hundreds of different attributes.

Actionable Data

Not sure what part of your data is relevant? Leave that to P360. Our software helps you determine actionable data that you can use to better market to your clients.

Monetize Content

Save by only contacting people that respond to the phone, or others that respond to email/ direct mail. With over 5,000 messages received by consumers per day, we help cut through the clutter.

24/7 Support

P360 offers real data scientists, available at your disposal, to help pinpoint suggested target markets. Learn, improve, and become a marketing guru using P360

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What Can We Do With Your Seemingly Simple Data? We Give You Pinpoint Feedback To Market To Your Clientele

Dynamic Report
What gets measured gets managed

P360's drag and drop dashboard lets you manage your business in real-time. Want certain reports bigger or rearranged? Move the layout to your benefit!

Dynamic Dash
Real-Time Dash
Fun UI

Let P360 do the work for your business


Overlay Data. We compare your uploaded data with our comprehensive database and report back comparisons from purchasing, habits, and other vital demographics to give you the next step: Actionable Insights


Actionable Insights. Now you've got this valuable data, but how do you apply it? With our P360 Campaign widgets we give you the power to target your new-and-improved audience


Precision Targeting. You've created your campaign and targeted specific areas under those demographics. Press the "Go" button and that's it. You've just launched your first campaign

Now sit back and enjoy the ROI!



Our innovative design guides users through P360 from any device: PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones


Patron Plans

From Small Non-profits To Broadway Companies, We Have A Patron Package To Fit Your Needs

  • Address Standardization & Cleanse
  • 5 Demographic Appends
  • Basic Demographic Reports
  • Up to 10,000 Patrons uploaded per month
  • 2,000 “cloned” or scored prospects per month
  • Additional prospects at .10 cents per name
  • Address Standardization & Cleanse
  • 10 Demographic Appends
  • Basic Demographic Reports
  • Up to 50,000 Patrons uploaded per month
  • 5,000 modeled prospects per month
  • Additional prospects at .08 cents per name
Gold Circle
  • Everything from the Critic Package plus:
  • API Into Ticketing System
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting
  • NCOA
  • up to Six Custom Models


Who's Talking About Us? Learn A Bit More About Our Passion


What our clients are saying


Working with them has shifted our point of view on data. [Being able to] sift through the data to find bigger ideas as to who to target and what moves them is really cutting edge stuff for the industry

Christopher Lueckwww.thepekoegroup.com

We’ve seen our unsubscribe rates drop significantly because we’re only talking to people about the things that they really are interested in, so it’s information that truly is relevant


Data Scientists. Programmers. Entreprenuers. Our Different Strengths Helped Create Something Special

Lee Gallagher
CEO / Data Scientist

Patron of Innovation

Paul Myrick
Database Administrator

Photographer / Artist / Database Daddy


Interested in the latest developments to our cutting-edge technology? We'll add you to our "Data Fan Club" and alert you when we announce new updates.


8354 Northfield Blvd #3, Denver, Colorado 80238
Phone: 1 (800) 970-5420

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